Euroclima Trainingscentre.

We supply more than just air handling units. We provide intelligent air-handling systems with complete control technology, connectivity with building management systems, professional visualisation (cloud services) and fully-developed refrigeration technology with various features such as reversibility, anti-freeze circuitry for winter operation and dehumidification. In order to ensure the most efficient and the best suited requirements of your unit on site, we offer regular training in various areas. We want your operators to be perfectly trained in how your system operates.
All participants receive a training certificate from Euroclima along with the corresponding documentation.

Training in the use of controls

Euroclima’s air handling units with complete control technology are intelligent systems which are designed to operate energy efficiently for many years. We programme, manufacture and test all systems in the factory in accordance with the highest quality standards. The conditions for each unit, however, are diverse and varied. In this case Euroclima offers a multitude of possible modifications to the logistic controls, so that the system perfectly fits the conditions. To this end, we offer training sessions in Euroclima’s system controls. Here, you will learn about the software, the logistic controls, and the corresponding documentation. You will be able to practise with different air handling units, the cabling and wiring of current projects and you will receive tips and tricks on how to trouble shoot and deal with problems. After completing the training you will be a true expert in controls! For further information please contact your nearest Euroclima plant.


We are known worldwide for our flexibility and so-called customised air handling systems must be planned properly. Therefore, we use professional design software called Aircalc. The necessary training is required to utilise the software’s diverse options and features. Here, you will not only be learning about how to design an air handling unit, but in the content of this training you will also learn how to adapt system controls and cooling circuits to meet your own requirements. Furthermore, you will learn which device specific documents you can create and what lies behind the extensive range of features and options. Become an Aircalc expert by booking a place on the next training programme with your nearest Euroclima plant!

Assembly & Installation of the air handling units

The operating function of our air handling units depends on how well they have been set up and installed. During the training your fitters will learn everything required for the smooth operation of the unit; from how to safely unload the units, the correct foundations, the correct unit assembly and the unit’s start-up. They will pass through all assembly departments in the factory so that they know what is required when they are in charge on site. A professional installation and start-up guarantee maximum efficiency and a long service-life of the unit. To find out more about the next AHU assembly training, please contact your nearest Euroclima plant.