ZHK EfficiencyModule.

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Hydraulic module for high efficiency circuit systems

The main feature of this heat recovery system is the separation of the supply and exhaust air flow, which is connected to one another by a highly efficient hydraulic module.

This flexible separation of the air flow is important if the supply and exhaust air have to be set up separately from one another for spatial reasons. This is also beneficial for hygienic purposes when separation of the two air flows are required, which has become an important factor in air flow management since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Efficiencies of up to 80% can be achieved through efficient heat exchangers, in combination with the Euroclima ZHK EfficiencyModule.

The compact design of the ZHK EfficiencyModule provides flexibility in areas where space is limited and the closed loop system for facilities such as hospitals is critical.

The ZHK EfficiencyModule gives the advantages of a spatial and hygienic separation of the air flows in these areas, as well as other applications such as restaurants, schools, etc.

ZHK EfficiencyModule