Marine & Off-Shore.


The best choice for ships & offshore applications

Marine and offshore applications require air-handling equipment to be especially designed in order to withstand extreme installation, working-and-operating conditions. The Marine Line series has been developed to meet the demands of the specific issues in this sector.

Particular attention has been placed on the following: robust unit construction, high dimensional flexibility, components built to the highest standards, suitable corrosion protection, appropriately designed drainage trays, optimum system efficiency and compliance with the stringent marine & offshore standards and regulations. From containers ships and large cruise vessels to luxury yachts, the Marine Line is your best choice.

  • High reliability, efficiency, unmatched flexibility in design
  • Customised configurations and anti-corrosion protection
  • Compliant with marine standards
  • Easy to install and maintain with a long service life
  • Factory tested and commissioned
Marine & Off-Shore