Hay dryer and agriculture.

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A dehumidifying unit with controls and cooling circuit for the aeration and drying of hay.

The most important element in the efficient production of the highest quality hay is sound planning. Integral to the design of this product are the following; the hay dryer itself, the appropriate air ducts and roof construction as well as the hay box. With Euroclima, you will receive a professional all-round service from the very beginning up until the finished hay product.

Since the design of the whole ventilation system lies in our hands, there is flexibility in the way the drying systems are constructed, in the event of possible spatial restraints or in construction issues. Euroclima’s hay dryer will speed up haymaking regardless of weather conditions.

You can bring the hay in 24 hours after cutting and the hay dryer will automatically deal with the fastest possible, most energy efficient way of drying the feed. The intelligent DCC-controls, a pressure resistant fan, a highly efficient compression refrigeration system plus the effective hot-water heating coil will dry your hay in no time, even in the most diverse weather or temperature conditions.

The unit automatically factors in both the circulating air, the outside air and the residual moisture content and selects the most suitable operation mode independently.

Hay dryer and agriculture