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Air handling units


The ZHK 2000 units are designed and manufactured with green environment
in mind. The casing and 90% of the components used can be recycled. Our advanced selection software allow us to optimize each unit to reach the best solution for each of your project, with the highest efficiency, the optimized dimensional constraints at the right price. Euroclima use and promote the newest technologies to minimize the
energy consumption of the complete air conditioning system.

  • Ventilation energy savings
  • Heat generation energy saving
  • Cooling production energy savings
  • EcoDesign compliance
  • Minimized carbon footprint and life cycle costs

The innovative casing construction of the ZHK 2000 makes the units extremely flexible to cover a wide range of applications from comfort to process applications. The standard range offer the highest flexibility available on the market place:

  • Any possible unit configuration
  • Any type of components available on the market
  • Anti corrosion protections, including galvanized steel,130 mµ PVC coating, epoxy painting, peraluman, stainless steel 304 or 316L
  • Large choice of options and accessories
  • 100% hygiene and attenuation material
  • Factory mounted controls

  • 50 mm thick double skin Panels
  • Standard casing: metal sheet 0,7/1,0 mm
  • Industrial casing: metal sheet 1,0/1,5 mm
  • Incombustible insulation, glass fibber or rock wool, from 20 to 150 kg/m³
  • Fire class: A1/A2 as per EN 13-501-1   A1 as per DIN 4102
  • Sound att.: Rw 36 / 41 dB (DIN 52210-03)
  • Upper profiles in epoxy painted Aluminium
  • Integrated base frame from 80 to 200 mm

  • D1/L1/F9/T3/TB2 (ZHK Standard)
  • D1/L1/F9/T3/TB2 (ZHK Industry)
  • D1/L1/F9/T2/TB2 (ZHK T-TWO) with thermal break

The incredible flexibility of the ZHK 2000 range make it the best choice for industrial and process projects: car industry, aerospace halls, textile factories, power stations, research centers… All these kinds of applications require sometimes higher features than what is typically needed for comfort and commercial applications: Very large air volumes, very accurate temperature and/or humidify control, very high external static pressure, extremely aggressive environment, filtration of special compounds…

Do not hesitate to contact us for a dedicated support.

The ZHK units can be manufactured in accordance to the ATEX regulations. The integrated components such as fans, filters, belts, motors, and all electrical components shall be ATEX compliant.

Areas with danger of explosion have to be classified in zones according to the frequency and period of time when occurrence of explosive atmospheres (gas/air, vapor/air mixtures and/or mixtures of dust/air) occurs. This is defined in directive 94/9/EG. The manufacturer shall declare the conformity in accordance with the ATEX regulation.

ATEX classification is split into two groups:
Group I:  Underground mining. Not applicable for AHU
Group II: Over ground installations, categories 1, 2 and 3.

Euroclima can provide ATEX compliant units which are approved by TUV Süddeutschland, Munich.