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Refrigerant cooling system

Customized DX circuit

A compression refrigeration system of Euroclima is offered complete, with all necessary components and corresponding control. For smaller units that are executed as a single block, the DX circuit will be completely evacuated, subjected to a pressure test and then filled with refrigerant. For devices in sections, this must be carried out at the site. To provide a seamless service for customers, Euroclima maintains a service team with refrigeration technicians, which possess all necessary certificates and training certificates to meet legal requirements for the operation of compression refrigeration plants.

5,2 [kW] up to 93,1 [kW] with 1 compressor
10,4 [kW] up to 186,2 [kW] with 2 compressors
15,6 [kW] up to 279,3 [kW] with 3 compressors

Higher cooling capacities on request.
Refrigerant R407C or R410A.
Modulating cooling capacity with digital scroll or compressor with VFD possible.

  • Everything from one hand – no additional clarification effort between different companies is necessary
  • No organizing effort on site because everything is delivered by one supplier
  • All functions, set points and optionals are controlable without computer
  • Total integration into building management system
  • Total access with every network compatible device (optional)
  • No programming knowledge required – all settings can be done via display
  • Direct and easy selection of optionals and features in AirCalc