Swimming pools.



High de-humidification efficiency

Due to the high humidity in indoor swimming pools, it is essential that the air is dehumidified to provide comfort to visitors and to protect the furniture and the interior of the building. The ETA POOL series includes packaged units, cutting edge controls and an optional high efficiency dehumidification heat pump system.

The series is divided into two product lines: ETA POOL SPA for small indoor pools e.g. private homes, hotels etc. from 1.000 to 5.200m³/h and ETA POOL OLYMPIC for medium sized and large indoor swimming pools from 6.000 to 37.000m³/h, with dehumidification capacities from 6 to 215 kg/h. This new range is the result of our long-standing experience in indoor pool applications, combined with the finest technologies available on the market.

  • Optimised operational sequences
  • High dehumification (VDI 2089)
  • Packaged & compact unit with “plug & play”
  • Heat recovery up to 92% (EN 308)
  • VDI 6022 options
Swimming pools