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Customised refrigerant cooling system. This compression refrigeration system by Euroclima is sold complete with necessary components and corresponding controls.

For smaller units which are constructed as mono-block, the cooling circuit is completely evacuated, subjected to a pressure test and then filled with a refrigerant. For units in sections, this must be carried out on site. To provide a seamless service for customers, Euroclima maintains a service team with refrigeration technicians. The technicians possess all the necessary certificates and training to meet the legal requirements of operating compression refrigeration systems.

Potential cooling capacities on the evaporator [kW]:

  • 5,2 [kW] up to 93,1 [kW] with 1 compressor
  • 10,4 [kW] up to 186,2 [kW] with 2 compressors
  • 15,6 [kW] up to 279,3 [kW] with 3 compressors
  • Higher cooling capacities are available on request.
  • Refrigerant R407C or R410A.

Modulating cooling capacity is available with digital scroll or compressor with VFD.

Some of the advantages of the DX circuit; a ‘one stop shop’, no clarification is needed from different companies, no organisational overheads are needed on site, since everything comes from one supplier, all features are situated on the unit itself – requiring no PC controls, full integration with your building management system, a straightforward choice of options and features in the software AirCalc. Neither system nor programming knowledge is necessary since all settings for both the unit and the compression refrigeration system can be carried out via a UI.