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air handling unit klimagerät zhk flat

Flat air handling unit

Customized flat unit for false ceiling installation

The optimal unit execution for lowest space requirements: Euroclima FLAT unit.
Based on our Eurovent certifi ed high end unit series ZHK we can offer flat units with a total height of 405 mm or 457,5 mm. Units are customized and thus fl exible in application. With Euroclima FLAT units you can realize air treatment process which
normally can by achieved only with big Air Handling Units. The frameless construction
will be supplied in T2/TB2.

Using our selection software Aircalc++ you can select different units, sized exactly for the required side conditions. No over or under sizing of coils, fans, is necessary. By
using plug fans with EC technology and plate heat exchangers even units with low
engery consumption. 50 mm panel’s grant best sounddatas and lowest thermal transmittance. Simple maintenance and high stiffness is granted.

To guarantee simple ceiling mounting, independent from the unit length and height, we don’t use special constructions. The unit will be hung up with simple u profi les. This system is established for the duct mountings. Units can be supplied opptional with controls.