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Indoor Air Treatment

Fresh air in the most economical way

The new ZHK NANO has been designed to deliver fresh air into your building with a minimal footprint and in the most economical way. All chosen components have the best price/performance ratio and unit spaces are optimized respecting the current safety standards. The ZHK NANO includes energy efficient direct driven plug fans, fiber glass filters on return and fresh air streams, heat recovery device such as a counterflow plate heat exchanger or a heat wheel. The ZHK NANO is the best choice to provide high comfort to a wide variety of applications for buildings like offices, schools, hotels, airports, commercial centres, fitness centres, etc..The ZHK NANO is a compact unit available in 3 unit sizes to cover air flow from 0,27 to 1,8 m³/s (1000 to 6500 m³/h). The unit performances and the mechanical casing characteristics have been tested by a third party laboratory according to EN 13053 and EN 1886 and certified by EUROVENT.

  • Optimized foot print
  • 50 mm casing thickness (T2/TB2)
  • Galvanized steel inner skin
  • Externally white PVC-coated panels for the best anti-corrosion-protection
  • Environmentally friendly and fire-resistent insulation (glass wool) 20 kg/m3
  • Smooth internal walls, easy to clean
  • 80mm base frame
  • Digital display
  • Plug & Play units
  • Integrated controls (Modbus IP)