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The amazing flexibility of the ZHK INOVA range make it the best choice for industrial and process projects: car industry, aerospace halls, textile factories, power stations, research centers… All these kinds of applications require sometimes higher features than what is typically needed for comfort and commercial applications.

We offer freely configurable device selections as desired for planning & application. The unit sizes can be easily adapted in sizes and forms to the local situation.

The Euroclima air handling unit range is available with factory mounted controls, including:

  • The complete control panel
  • The control peripherals
  • The units are tested and pre commissioned at the factory, which result in high reliability, time saving and trouble free commissioning for our customers.

The Euroclima ZHK INOVA series are available with built in cooling or reversible air cooled systems. The refrigeration systems can be customized with optimized components to reach the highest EERs & COP possible for your specific needs. The integrated air condensers are installed in the exhaust air streams (in cooling mode), which provide very high efficiency and minimized footprint as external condenser are not needed anymore. Our refrigeration systems use the environment friendly R407C refrigerant.