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Air handling unit

Free cold bridge design

For food production companies, hygiene and strict contamination control is a strategic issue. It has direct impact on the quality of the products, the health and the safety of the consumers and also the image of the brand. To meet high requirements of food production or storage cold rooms, Euroclima has developed the ASEPSIS unit, based on a free cold bridge casing, made of reinforced fibber glass and PVC panels, insulated with polystyrol material. The components are easily removable for cleaning processes, the unit floor can be inclined, with round corners and washing drains. The casing comply to T2/TB1 (T1/TB1 as option) thermal classes. Available up to 50.000 m³/h.

  • High pressure washable design
  • T1/TB1 casing
  • Easily removable components
  • Hygienic concept